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Therapy Session

Services I Offer

In-person and Online Sessions

Therapy Office

Adult Psychoanalytic Therapy

성인 정신분석적 심리치료

Personality Issues
Cultural Issues
Life Crisis

Adolescent Psychotherapy

청소년 심리치료

Identity Issues
Cultural Issues
Depression/ Anxiety

Youth Counseling
Online Meditation

Online Psychotherapy

온라인 심리치료

Via Zoom/ Skype

Eastern Psychiatric Treatment

한의정신과 치료

Herb Medicine and Acupuncture for
Anxiety/ Panic Disorder

Traditional Chinese Medicine
Image by Jan Huber

Frequency Therapy


Targeted Frequency Treatment for
Anxiety/ Panic Disorder

Group Discussion

Learning Groups

I run different learning groups which Eastern medicine doctors/practitioners, psychotherapists, or laypersons can join.

한의사, 심리치료사 뿐 아니라 관심을 가진 일반인 그룹과 아래와 같은 주제로 강의하고 나눕니다.

  • Psychoanalytic view of Psychopathology: Depression, Anxiety Disorders, and Trauma-Related disorders

      정신분석적 관점의 정신병리: 우울증, 불안장애, 트라우마 관련 장애

  • Dreamwork and Symbols  

       꿈 작업과 상징

  • Psychological Types: Lee Je Ma’s Sasangin & Jung’s Types 

      성격 유형-이제마의 사상인과 융의 유형론

  • Somatic Studies: Psyche-Soma Connection  

      소매틱 연구: 정신-신체 연결성

  • Psychological Transformation and Alchemy  

      정신적 변형과 연금술

  • Integration, Transcendence, and Individuation  

      통합, 초월과 전인격화

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