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Dunajská Streda vs. Zlaté Moravce Live Broadcast 25 November 2023 Sport

Watch the online video broadcast of the match Zlate Moravce - DAC 1904 Dunajska Streda. There are several sources to choose from for viewing with different ...

Some other fans had clocked the fact that we were not Slovak/Hungarian and began trying to speak to us. We hadn’t a clue what was being said, until one starting wielding his Liverpool wristband right in my face and shouting “Liverpool! Liverpool! ” I responded to this by banging my chest and declaring “Swansea City. ” My response was the wrong one it seemed, as our Liverpool friend began telling everyone I was “Swansea” which seemed to be greeted rather negatively with more angry shouting of the word “Liverpool. ” It tried neutralising the anger by repeatedly stating the firs Liverpool-Swansea links that came to mind: “Brendan Rodgers! Joey Allen! ” This didn’t help either mind. After the initial complimentary borovićkas, I purchased our second batch and we headed back up into the stand just as the second half was kicking off. A quick “Na zdravie” before downing our borovićka and then it was back to focusing on the game. LIVE: Zlaté Moravce - Dunajská Streda (Fortuna Liga) LIVE: Zlaté Moravce - Dunajská Streda (Fortuna Liga) Od 19:00 je na programe duel 5. kola Fortuna Ligy medzi Zlatými Moravcami a Dunajskou Stredou. Sledujte ... Craig had only seen beautiful Trnava the night before, so the outskirts of Zlaté Moravce was like a different planet to him. Colourless, crumbling old apartment blocks were guarded by small gatherings of Slovaks drinking beers on their steps. We were quite happy to get away from that part – not that things were really to improve. We did eventually figure out that the company is named after the owner Viliam Ondrejka (first two letters of forename and surname). Our vicinity to the ground was further emphasised by the fact that the Zlaté Moravce team were in the hotel restaurant having their prematch meal. The long walk to the hotel (that cap really is scandalous too). Our hotel with the floodlights behind. To emphasise how close the hotel was to the ground. The hotel was nice enough and after having a bit of a break in our room, we figured we’d head next door to the bistro to see what was on offer there. Not a lot: just the usual Zlatý Bažant beer and some middle-aged, port-bellied Slovak men in tight cycling lycra; although the bar did have my favourite Slovak bar snack of tyčinky (I’d describe them as straight, stick pretzels). We moved back across the car park to the hotel bar, where we thought we might befriend some Zlaté Moravce players, but they had already gone over to the ground. However, it was not my idea to go there – it was Craig’s. The real purpose of our visit was to see Craig’s new Slovak love: FC DAC 1904 Dunajská Streda. With me in Slovakia, Craig decided he was going to pick a top flight Slovak team to follow and seemingly randomly opted for the aforementioned club. DAC currently play away from their home as their stadium is being renovated, but the club are considered to have one of the best set of fans in Slovakia; also, possibly the most hated. The town of Dunajská Streda is situated in south Slovakia near the Hungarian border. Because of previous Hungarian rule and shifting borders, Dunajská Streda is very much a Slovak-Hungarian town and the town’s football fans associate themselves with the Hungarian side of things – a lot. It took 10 minutes for the home team to have a golden chance to take the lead. As they broke into the box, there was a slight touch on the shoulder from one of the DAC defenders, but the opposing player made a meal of the touch. Nonetheless, the ref pointed to the spot and up stepped Peter Orávik to convert it. 1-0 to Zlaté Moravce. DAC fans must have felt like another loss was on the cards, although they continued to churn out the chanting. I explained to him that I was buying us borovićka too, as I realised I had never done shots pitch side at a football match before (not that I remember anyway). Recalling the previous night, Craig was less enthused by the borovićka idea, but he was going to go along with it anyway. Our borovićka drinking was extended to 2 borovićkas too, as as we got towards the front of the queue, the lad in front of us heard us talking English; he queried us in Hungarian, before just dismissing the language barrier and ordering us borovićka, before toasting with us, downing shots with us and walking off without another word. Their perseverance was rewarded minutes later. A freekick was played to the back post and headed powerfully at goal. Zlaté Moravce’s keeper palmed the shot away, but somehow back across his goal. Pape Sarr was there to tap into an empty net and cue celebrations in the away end. Me and Craig had both actually missed the ball go in, as the people around us were already jumping in anticipation of the ball going in and in doing so blocking our view. We definitely joined in the celebrations though. Match action. DAC were in a good groove now and another long freekick led to a scramble and a shot at goal, which was saved by the keeper’s feet. ᐉ ViOn Zlaté Moravce vs Železiarne Podbrezová Live How to watch the ViOn Zlaté Moravce vs Železiarne Podbrezová live stream video. ⚽️ Predictions, H2H, statistics and live score. Super Liga 11/11/2023. I had done my usual thing of perusing both club’s squad lists beforehand to spot any familiar names and I was surprised to find one in the DAC lineup. Playing in front of us was the towering presence of Ľubomír Michalík. I remember him best from his time at Bolton, where I recalled him scoring on the last day of the season at Stamford Bridge, but fans of Leeds, Carlisle and Portsmouth would have also encountered the big Slovak defender at their clubs too. He had a good game here. PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER Niké liga: FC Vion Zlaté Moravce PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER Niké liga: FC Vion Zlaté MoravceYouTube · Attacking Games30+ views · 3 months ago YouTube · Attacking Games YouTube · Attacking Games 26:10


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